Medical biology



Sodibox has been working with medical laboratories and hospitals for almost 20 years and has adapted its transport packaging accordingly.


We now offer you innovative products adapted to your new needs for the transport of biological, blood and bacteriological samples. Our packaging is adapted to inter-laboratory transport, and also to nurses who take samples at the patient's home.


Sodibox designs and manufactures solutions that comply with European ADR regulation.



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Transport of biological samples of animal origin

Your work with veterinary laboratories, breeders and government veterinary departments requires you to:


- receive and dispatch a lot of biological samples of animal origin for microbiological and virological analysis

- comply with ADR transport regulations (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road)


Sodibox provides a range of specific packaging adapted to your transport needs.



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Animal health

Monitoring your production environments for pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella is necessary to avoid food contamination in your poultry operations at various stages in the chicken and turkey sector (breeders, hatcheries, meat, fattening, etc,.).


In accordance with standard ISO 13307, the European regulations and those of your country, Sodibox offers a wide range of sterile Stérisox® cloth and boot swab kits, adapted to the collection of dust and droppings, and to veterinary laboratory analyses.



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Food hygiene

In your agri-food sector, hygiene and food safety requirements are paramount, whether in your production environment or the quality control of your finished products.


In line with European regulations and the standards ISO18593 and ISO17604, Sodibox offers you a wide range of sterile cloths and sponges to meet your needs.


Our devices are adapted to surface controls: during production and after surface disinfection; as well as directly on the raw materials used in food products.


They are used to detect pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria and other bacteria that are indicators of microbiological contamination.



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