Food industry

Food hygiene

Hygiene and food safety requirements are paramount for companies in the food industry.

The reform of the European regulations on food hygiene, which came into force on 1 January 2006, harmonised food safety legislation in the region.

This set of regulations, known as the “Hygiene Package”, is applicable to all the stakeholders along the entire food chain and sets out the hygiene and safety criteria for processed products.

With this context in mind, Sodibox has developed a wide range of sterile sampling devices over the years for monitoring and testing production environments for the main pathogenic micro-organisms, such as Listeria and Salmonella, listed in Regulation (EC) no. 2073/2005 which can cause food contamination.


Animal health & transport

Salmonella testing for poultry farms

Salmonellosis is a disease caused by enterobacteria of the Salmonella genus, which can be found in farm environments and contaminate meat and eggs, causing food poisoning.

Since 1997, Sodibox has been developing a complete range of sterile sampling wipes and boot swabs, adapted to current regulations for monitoring certain pathogenic species in poultry production environments.

Transport packaging for biological samples

Transporting biological samples is a key phase in the veterinary analysis process.

Sodibox designs and manufactures a range of watertight bags, absorbents, isothermal boxes and cases for transporting a variety of samples.

Clinical pathology

Transport & sampling

Medical analysis laboratories are key players in the healthcare chain, contributing to public health through the biological samples they collect and their diagnosis, screening and prevention work.

Developments in clinical pathology in recent years have led laboratories to group together in order to pool and optimize their resources, notably through setting up technical platforms where the majority of analysis work is carried out.

As a result, the need for transport packaging, efficient turnaround times and temperature control for biological samples transported from sampling sites or collected from patients at home by private nurses, are key issues in the analysis process.


Custom products

At the cutting edge of innovation, Sodibox is conducting a development program with a network of professionals in clinical pathology, veterinary medicine and food hygiene. Our mission is to ensure we always offer you the most effective products.

Sterile kits

Gamme essais test 3

Our kits allow you to carry out sampling and testing work in the best conditions possible.

Transport kits

3-layers (1)

Our packaging solutions allow you to transport your biological samples in optimal safety conditions.

Our values

At Sodibox, our priority is to ensure the safety and compliance of all your clinical, veterinary and food industry operations. Our best assets in supporting you are our professional, attentive staff and our capacity for innovation.

Sodibox: nearly 40 years of expertise at your service

Founded in 1983, Sodibox is based in Brittany, a region known for its diversity of companies and players in the food and livestock production sectors.

Our company has grown from its initial activity of manufacturing transport boxes for biological samples destined for medical laboratories, diversifying in the 2000s to meet new expectations, particularly in terms of sterile devices for microbiological testing.