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Testing of foodstuffs

Our range of cloth swabs are perfect for you if:


  • you wish to carry out a qualitative research (presence/absence) of pathogens (Listeria, Salmonella, etc...) directly on your foodstuffs,
  • you are interested in a rapid and efficient process to access a representative sample of the test surface.


Our products comply with standard ISO18593.


We can supply the following on request: technical data sheet, safety certificate, certificate of sterility.




Sodibox products have the following specifications:

  • Different cloth sizes: small, medium, large
  • Different colours: white and blue
  • Dry or pre-moistened version
  • Pre-moistened version: various diluents depending on your usual practices: buffered peptone water, tryptone salt broth, ringer's solution.
  • Two types of sampling bags: with wire sealing tab or the new sampling bag
  • Available with or without gloves
  • Sterile (ionisation at least 15 Kilograys)
  • Packaging adapted to your requirements (from 25 to 300 pieces)
  • Validity of use of moistened products: 1 year
  • Method of use


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