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Marketing department



Our sales team handles your requests and orders, gives advice and listens to your needs, and is at your disposal to guide you towards the most effective solutions, in line with your expectations.

We provide you with the various technical supports you need for your certificates and regulatory or standard requirements:

Information brochures, product sheets, certificates of conformity, user information sheets, attestations




In the context of your regular consumption product needs (animal health range, food hygiene range), our team offers to secure your product supply throughout the year by setting up a subscription system with a planned, periodic delivery schedule that can be adjusted according to your actual needs.

Subscription proposal












Quality service


Sodibox has been AFAQ certified since 2003 for all of its 11 processes, from design to product shipment.


As part of the continuous improvement process, customer needs and requirements are made available to all our employees to guarantee the conformity of the service and products delivered.

Each complaint is handled by the entire team so as to raise everyone's awareness, including with regard to the analysis of the causes of malfunctions.


ISO certificate, Quality manual and product quality certificates available





Design department


Our design team, made up of people directly involved with the product, its manufacture, and current and future regulations or associated standards, are mobilised to anticipate your future needs, and to study with you and then design the product(s) that meet your expectations as quickly as possible.



The monitoring of regulations and standards related to your activity and our products is essential and is supervised by our network of experts.

We can provide you with all the summaries and links to the official texts in force for each of our product ranges:


Medical Biology Range



Animal health range

European regulations relating to Samonella monitoring plans in poultry farms (flocks of Gallus gallus and turkeys).

Summary of mandatory sampling to be conducted on farms for regulated activities.

Standard ISO 13307


Food hygiene range

Standard ISO 18593



Development programme with a network of medical, veterinary and food hygiene professionals.



To meet your specific needs.