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Swab Cloth

This range is perfect for you if:


  • you are a veterinary laboratory, a government veterinary department, a breeder of poultry species subject or not to regulations (Gallus gallus, turkeys, others, etc.),
  • you have to take or analyse dust samples from the farm environment for pathogens such as salmonella,
  • you carry out checks during production and/or after disinfection,
  • you carry out self-checks and/or tests with a view to official analyses, in particular within the framework of your country's regulations and the ISO13307 standard.

Our products comply with standard ISO11133, specifically in relation to the manufacture of the diluents used in the products.


We can supply the following on request: technical data sheet, safety certificate, certificate of sterility. 



Sodibox products have the following specifications:

  • Cloths pre-moistened with regulatory and standard diluents: distilled water, buffered peptone water, etc.
  • Two colours available: blue (for testing during production) and white (for testing after disinfection)
  • Sampling bags with wire closure tabs
  • Available with or without gloves
  • Sterile (ionisation at least 15 Kilograys)
  • Packaging adapted to your requirements (from 25 to 300 pieces)
  • Validity of use of products: 1 year
  • Method of use



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